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Plastics machinery industry in case of economic structural adjustment development opportunities

China Building Material] structural adjustment and the rise of developing countries in international economic and international industrial adjustment and progress, and will also provide new impetus to the development of China's foreign trade will bring new development space; China's foreign trade.

After years of development, the international influence of China's press industry continuously improve and enhance the ability to respond to trade protectionism, further enhance the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength, therefore, a lot of favorable conditions for the export of China's press industry.

Closely linked to China's plastics machinery products and strategic new industries, with high efficiency, energy-saving advantages and a higher price, the developed countries' exports to the low-end, this part of the consumer demand presents rigid, thus, still has a large market space.

In addition, the plastic machinery enterprises in China has increased in recent years, emerging market development, brand awareness to further expand and further improve market competitiveness, will greatly enhance the proportion of exports to emerging countries. Overall, presses products in China's export growth will show a steady into the situation.

Turned to domestic, China is still in the process of industrialization and informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in-depth development stage, is still in the development of important strategic opportunities, which will also give the plastic machinery industry provides an inexhaustible driving force for development.