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PERT / PRR pipe extrusion line at high speed

Application & Features

1. The high efficient screw extruder with the feature of high speed extrusion and high efficient plastication.

2. Shielding double-pole mixed PP-R specialized screw is applied and the cylinder has channels in it.

3. Being equipped with the new twice split-flow mold, it has the advantage of low temperature and low pressure extrusion.

4. Water film type diameter setting cover guarantees high speed production of plastic pipes.

5. Controlled by the PLC computer program. This production line has a good set of human-machine interface.

6.Customer can choose to assemble label extrusion unit to produce pipes with colored label. It can also producepipes by changing mold.

Main Technical Parameters

Model PERT63A PER63A PPR110A
Pipe range(mm) Φ16-Φ63 Φ16-Φ63 Φ20-Φ110
Capacity(kg/h) 100-120 100-120 180-220
Hauling speed(max,m/min) 15 12 6
Total power(kw) 72 72 138
Line length(m) 33 33 37
Control system Microcomputer controlled