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PVC pipe production line

Application & Features

GF series plastic pipe production line is mainly adopted for producing PVC pipewith various diameter and wall thickness, for the application of agricutural water supply and drainage, water supply and drainage system of buildings, electric communication, cable pipe, core layer foam pipe, etc.

The whole productio line includes conical twin screw extruder, vacuum calibration tank, haul-off unit, cutting unit, and stacker. Adopting different models of conical twin screw extruder, as well as GF series downstream equipments, it is capable of producing PVC pipe with various diameter speciffications. Vacuum calibration tank is made of stainless steel, includeing 2 or 3 steps of spray cooling system as well as vacuum device, with international brand circular water pump and excellent quality vacuum pump motor.

Haul-off motor is controlled by international brand stepless inverter. Hauling type can be optional as caterpillar, tree-claw, or sixclaw, etc Cutting unit adopts saw cutting or planet cutting. It is available for fixed-length automatic cutting. The whole production line bears the features of reliable performance, high procudtion efficiency, convenient, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Table length(mm) 6000
Center distance(mm) 330
Vacuum pump(mm) 4.0
Water pump(kw) 3.7
Haul-off motor(kw) 2.2
Cutting motor(kw) 2.2
Haul-off speed(m/s) 0.3-12
Haul-off force(N) 22x1000
Max dia(mm) 2x63