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PVC panel production line

Function and application

Empoioying Europe and America advanced technology and unitingh with International condition, this unit is developed by our company .It possesses the features such as novel style ,resonable structrue and convenient to operate.Cooperating with suitable mould. It can meet the requirement of producing the profile in high speed .The main machine of this series of the line adopts extruders manufactured in feeding to final to stacking are all controlled automalicallyand every element can also be operated by hand alone .It possesses the advatages such as high piasticizing Capacity, low energy consumption,high productivity performance cost value and long life. It is the best selectng equipment to produce all kinds of plastic profile.

Technical parameters

Model YF150S YF150
Section bar width(mm) 300 200
Vacuum shaping length(mm) 1500 1500
Center distance of mold installation(mm) 320 320
Degree of vacuun(Mpa) -0.01—0.09 -0.01—0.09
Traction force(N) 2000 2000
Traction speed(m/min max) 8-10 8-10
Band open/close range(mm) 120 120
Effective tration length(mm) 2000 2000
Cutting of screw(mm) 280 280
Cutting motor power(kw) 1.1 1.1
Length of material stock 6000 6000

Specificantions may be modified without any frther notice